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True Business Agility

A truly agile network can only be achieved when a business has got the fundamental modern building blocks in place. Everything is agile, or at least it needs to be. Workers are demanding more and more high bandwidth applications, customers expect responses to their enquiries and other interactions almost immediately and new software and services come down the proverbial pipe at an ever-increasing speed.

Delivering high-speed connectivity, exceptional Quality of Service and unrivalled support, our cost-effective solutions provide the tools you need to drive your business forward.






Secure, reliable colocation and hosting in highly resilient data centres.

we can get you connected more cost-effectively than ever.

We’ll design, build and manage even the most complex networks, ensuring secure, efficient and high-performance connectivity. 

managed SD-WAN service provides an agile, cost-effective solution with dynamic application and connectivity management. 

Colocation Services

Our team of data centre professionals experienced in managing hosting services – from design and build to 24/7/365 support and monitoring of a client’s core hosting infrastructure.

Panacea delivers services on a highly scalable core infrastructure, resilient to any single-point transmission or core equipment failure. For clients requiring Internet connectivity, our multiple gigabit, high-speed Tier 1 Internet connections are redundant and protected across multiple data centres providing an availability of 99.999%.

We provide the most secure colocation environment for business critical data and systems. Biometrics, key card and combination locks are implemented as standard entry-level criteria to our centres, backed up with 24-hour CCTV.

Ethernet leased lines

Dedicated, reliable, high-performance Ethernet connectivity.

  • Fibre Ethernet – Premium leased line service for business-grade connectivity
  • EMF – (Ethernet in the first mile) Cost effective Ethernet services with inherent resilience and quick delivery.
  • EoFTTC – (Ethernet over FTTC) Business-class connectivity, delivered in 15 working days.


Connect your business sites with a single, secure, private network, designed and built to your requirements. Complete connectivity for the modern business.

  • With end to end security, advanced Quality of Service (QoS), continual real-time network monitoring and network redundancy for uninterrupted traffic flow, keep your business-critical data flowing safely and reliably.
  • For optimum delivery of voice, video and data a converged service is a great choice. And you can save costs, as your legacy architecture can be decommissioned with all traffic flowing over a secure private network.


The latest in networking technology to overcome modern business challenges, delivered as a bespoke managed solution. Deployed either standalone, or fully integrated as an MPLS/SD-WAN solution, supported by Panacea’s expertise, with the service we’re renowned for. 

  • Digital transformation programmes and the continued rise of SaaS means that it’s easy for your WAN to become congested and negatively impact user experience. SD-WAN can solve that.
  • SD-WAN’s traffic encryption protects data in transit across the entire network, including the internet. Complete visibility and real-time information means you can identify and block suspicious activity before it can do any harm, while network segmentation allows for departmental security or compliance policy visibility and control.
  • SD-WAN allows you to manage multiple links with load balancing and failover, while traffic steering can detect poor performance and maintain connectivity via alternative routes.