Prevention Begins With ZERO TRUST

Never Trust, Always Verify


The Truth About Zero Trust

As Zero Trust has become more widely known, so too have the misconceptions around what Zero Trust is and how to achieve a Zero Trust network architecture. Below are the four most prevalent myths about Zero Trust and the truths behind them.



Secure the Enterprise

Our Next-Generation Firewall is the industry’s defining network security platform. Stay on the cutting edge with continuous integrated security innovations that instantly find and stop attacks. Eliminate disconnected point-products with our fully automated platform that simplifies security.

Secure the Cloud

Cloud security services that effectively predict, prevent, detect, and automatically respond to security and compliance risks without creating friction for users, developers, and administrators.


Next-Generation Firewall

Instantly find and stop attacks with a fully automated platform that simplifies security.

Stay on the cutting edge

Replace disconnected tools with tightly integrated innovations, like the new DNS Security service.Learn about DNS Security



Intel and automation to prevent attacks

Use global intelligence and automation triggered by analytics to find and stop unknown attacks instantly.

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Total visibility and consistent protection

Get visibility and prevention across data center, branch, mobile and cloud, so you can protect consistently.

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Adopt best practices for prevention

Use tools and resources that help you adopt industry best practices so you can thwart attacks in their tracks.

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Coordinated, comprehensive endpoint protection and response

Endpoints secured, everywhere

Palo Alto Networks Traps™ endpoint protection and response stops threats on endpoints and coordinates enforcement with network and cloud security to prevent successful cyberattacks.


Stop endpoint attacks before they get started


The threat landscape has quickly evolved to a level of sophistication that it can bypass traditional endpoint protection. Traps combines powerful endpoint protection technology with critical endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities into a single agent, enabling your security teams to automatically protect, detect and respond to known, unknown and sophisticated attacks, using machine learning and AI techniques from data collected on the endpoint, network and cloud.


Threat Prevention Services

Strengthen your security by removing complexity with integrated innovations


Put the machine learning to work for you

Use predictive analytics to disrupt attacks that use DNS for command and control or data theft.

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Automatically detect and stop unknown attacks

Identify new threats with advanced analysis, machine learning, and shared threat intelligence to stay ahead of attackers with automated protections.

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Deep threat insight for precise analysis

Get instant access to global threat data with full context and attribution to speed investigations.

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Eliminate threats at every stage of an attack

Comprehensive exploit, malware, and command-and-control prevention for your enterprise.

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Safe web access for all users

Identify and automatically block malicious sites and phishing pages through a unique combination of static analysis and machine learning.

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Public Cloud

Accelerate your deployment to the cloud, securely, with integrated advanced security for workloads, infrastructure, hosts, apps and data

Visibility, Compliance & Monitoring

Visibility, Compliance & Monitoring
Continuously monitor your cloud to prevent data loss, detect threats and enable compliance.

Secure your cloud

Cloud Network Security

Cloud Network Security
Protect cloud infrastructure workloads from threats and stop data exfiltration with VM-Series.

Reduce your threat exposure

Public Cloud Storage Security
Public Cloud Storage Security
Stay compliant and secure sensitive data in cloud-native storage with cloud storage security.

Protect your data storage

Host Security
Host Security
Traps™ protects against exploits and other threats to ensure the integrity of your OS and apps.

Protect your cloud hosts