Software Asset Management

True Business Optimisation

At Panacea, we understand that effective Software Asset Management (SAM) comes from the right mix of people, process and tools. On top of these three factors, we know that it takes time. Rome was not built in a day and neither was a mature SAM practice. SAM affects not only how software is being used, but the automation, security, digitization, control of shadow IT, and your overall future strategy. It only makes sense to then understand where you are today on your path to SAM maturity.

SAM Smart Service

Decoding Software Licensing, Vendor Programs & Product Use Rights while accurately gathering underlying deployment metrics can be complex and can Impact on daily IT operations.

This may include unintentional inaccuracies due to the increase in Vendor Audit activity and the ever-increasing complexity of Software licensing terms. Consequently, the need for organisations to assess their software estate has never been greater. 

Panacea’s SAM Smart Service takes all the complexity out of Software Asset Management and makes it simple and manageable as your time is important. 

Our approach is logical and straight forward and backed by our in house Certified licensing experts. 

SAM Lifecycle Management

Our service contains the following:

  • Dedicated Software Licensing Expert
  • Complete Software Compliance Report
  • Commercial Impact Brief
  • Microsoft Verified ELP (Available on request)
  • SAM Maturity Overview
  • Software Audit Defense
  • VM Capacity Plan
  • 1 Year SAM360 Optimize Subscription